Welcome to the Holy Cross Convent of Mainalli

The Holy Cross Convent in Mainalli

We are the Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross.  Here at the Holy Cross Society in Mainalli Village, Karnataka State, India, we dedicate our days to helping those in need, regardless of sex, race, caste, religion, class, or age.  It is our belief that all humans are worthy of access to healthcare and education, and we have a number of programs through which we attempt to provide these things.

Sister Reeta, Sister Valentine, and Sister Stella

Our congregation was founded in Menzingen, Switzerland by Fr. Theodosius Florentini in 1844.  The congregation came to India with the first group of missionaries in 1906.  We  form a community that finds its mission in the Church. Our ideals are rooted in the spirit of the Gospel, the love of the Cross, and the teachings of St. Francis; the spirit of service characterizes our lives and our work. We affirm and empower those whom we serve, especially the poor.  We work to provide quality education, health care, and empowerment programs.